What is Love and stages /phases of Love


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This Article is all about love, in this article I am going to explain:-

1. What are love and some facts about Love?

2. Difference between “Love” and “Being in Love”

3. Stages/phases of Love and dating

4. 5 tips to develop healthy relationship.

What is Love??

“For me, love is a deep connection between 2 souls; it is about “Completely opening up and sharing your feelings and life with them.
Love is about being patient, accepting the flaws and growing together because we’re human beings, we’re never going to be the same, but being patient and accepting each other’s flaws is something that never stops us from growing with each other.”

Some facts about love:-

1. Love literally hurts.

2. Love can relieve severe pain.

3. Love works very quickly.

4. Love is an addiction.

For understanding “LOVE “it is very important to understand the difference between “LOVE” and “BEING IN LOVE”


Being in Love

Love is a choice

Being in Love is an emotion

Love is gradual-happening slowly or over a long period of time.

Being in love is sudden/ immediate

Love is everlasting-continuing for ever; never changing.

Being in love is fleeting

Love is challenging because if you are in love – you will face all up and downs

Being in love is easy

Love is about sacrificing

Being in love is about giving support

Love is about partnership

Being in love is about ownership

Love is about ” how your partner feel

Being in love is how you feel


By understanding the difference, you will be able to identify, whether you are in love or there is love in between you.

Stages or Phases of Love / Dating

1.   Attraction: –

The very first stage of love is “attraction” ; it is something which depends upon our interest, values, experiences and desires. It is about alignment between 2 people in terms of desire.

“More the alignment is more attraction will be there in between”

Attraction can be of any type:-

  • Aesthetic attraction: – only thinking nice about someone.
  • Romantic attraction:Desire to be in a romantic relationship with someone.
  • Sexual attraction: – Desire to do sexual activity with someone.

2. Learning more about them

Once you feel attracted towards someone, you have a desire to know more about them; you want to know each and every detail about them; and you start this:-

·        By doing long conversation,

·        By checking their social media; or

·        By talking to their friends to know more about them.                                                                            

3. Building comfort and trust

To develop relationship, only knowing is not important, you need to build trust and comfort .This is the major step in any love relationship.

You need trust in a relationship in   order   to feel safe, respected and truly loved; and you start this:-

  • By spending quality time
  • By giving priority
  •  By responding to their needs
  •  By keeping the promises
  •  By taking responsibilities of your words and actions
  •  And most important; by being there, especially in the low moments.

4. Actually going on dates

What is meant by actually going on dates??

Answer is, at this point, you go to date regularly, and previously you were not sure about your partner.

But, once trust and comfort is established in relationship; you feel secure and consistently enjoy the company of each other.

As a result of regular dating, both the partners are able to build strong connection, based on trust, mutual interest and attraction.

By the end of this stage, both of them understands each other and are very much comfortable.

5.   Seduction

This is the stage where partners really open up themselves to the possibility of passionate intimacy.

At this level, they feel their emotion and understanding at deeper level.

6.   The honeymoon phase

What is called Honeymoon phase??

Answer is: – First few months of relationship is called as the “honeymoon phase” or you can say it as golden days of your relationship.

At this level, you recognize all of your partner’s good qualities and “want them to fall deeply and madly in love with you.”

7.   Doubting phase

As “DeKeyser “says:-

“Everyone will fall out of the honeymoon phase,” . “But not everyone will fall out of love. The honeymoon phase will fade with time—but love should grow with time. Honeymoon is a quick feeling of excitement, sexual arousal, nuance, and slightly obsessive ‘lust’—which can be addicting at first. Love is a feeling of stability, partnership, deep intimacy and trust, and shared values.”

This is the phase of Make or Break of relationship; actually love is truly tested at this stage.

Once honeymoon period is over, There is a realisation of your partners demerits, faults , and their bad habits, which you had ignored at early stages of relationship because at that time that person was centre of your life, you were indulged  so much in love, that you forgive everything previously.

Clearing this stage is the real accomplishment; at this stage, you need to clear all your doubts like (Will he/she supports me; Is he/she is the one) about your partner and relationship.

You have to decide whether you are ready to accept the flaws of each other’s or not??

Whether they are right or not for you “emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

And you have to clear all other matters that matters for you in the long run.

As this is the most critical stage / phase of love, that’s why I am sharing one tip:-

Do not compare your relationship with others because it cannot be same; as each and every individual is different. Try to understand this, before comparing, otherwise this phase is really going to be tougher for you.

 8.   Commitment and stability

Once you clear the doubting phase, you enter into the most beautiful journey of love.

DeKeyser explains this stage very well, he said that:-

This is the stage where you realize you two are best friends and lovers. You are partners to each other in life—you can spend hours, days, weeks, months side by side with this person and you only better each other and feel as though you are one unit.”

At this stage, you know each other, better than any other person and you will feel unconditional love with each other.

So these are the different stages of love, do let me know, you are in which stage of love and how do you feel.

At the end, I am going to share some important tips to develop healthy relationship:-

CommunicationCommunication is the key in any relationship. Make sure that there is an open communication in between you, whenever and wherever required.

Show AffectionShow your love to your partner in any way. (By hugging, or by showing your concern towards their life issues..etc) 

Acceptance – Accept your partner completely, including their flaws because no one is perfect. 

No Abuse :- Do not abuse in any form (emotionally, physically, sexually   or financially)

Trust: – Trust factor is very important in relationship, without trust there is no relationship, so make sure to keep trust.

These are some of the important tips; if you want to share more tips, do share with me in the comment section.

If you like these tips share these tips with your partner.

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