What is Self Confidence? – 3 Ways to Build Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Hello everyone and welcome here, In this article I am going to explain one of the most important essential skill for life- “SELF CONFIDENCE”– in a very concise manner; so let’s begin.

Having poor self-confidence or low self-esteem can make many things really difficult.

Conversely, when you have the self-confidence that is solid and reliable, most things become easy and fun as well!

Good self-confidence allows you to achieve the real goals in your life related to your:

  1. Personal and
  2. Professional  life

Let’s understand first, the meaning of “Self” and “Confidence” separately.






S – Spirituality
To discover about yourself, who you are, from where you came and what your life purpose is/self-realization.

E – Exploration- About yourself in terms of strength, weaknesses, self-image and belief, and what do you want.

L – Love for self whatever you explore about yourself, accepting that happily is called self-love; embracing your flaws by accepting it as an opportunity to learn.

F- FaithHaving faith that whatever you are doing  is right, and this faith is going to fill confidence in you.


It is a feeling that you can trust someone or something to be good, work well or produce good result or belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully.

What is Self + Confidence??

Self confidence is honestly reviewing your inner self and being comfortable with that.

Basically, In short, self-confidence is,

  1. Knowing Yourself,
  2. Accepting Yourself and
  3. Trusting Yourself

Now the question is… How we can do this??

Knowing Yourself

You can understand yourself by detailed imagination of yourself and you can do this by seeing your own movie.

What is a movie?

Movie is a representation of someone’s imagination.

You have to do the same; whatever you want in your life; start seeing a movie of that every day.

Please note that you have to do detailed imagination because this will help you to understand your strength, weakness, false beliefs, and many more.

Accepting Yourself

Here accepting yourself is about unconditional acceptance.

It’s easy to accept our good qualities but accepting our flaws is really difficult; so embracing ourselves at our lowest and accepting ourselves with our faults and flaws is the real acceptance.

How to Practice Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is a skill that you need to practice.

Let’s see some ways of practicing self-acceptance:-

1. Confront Your Fears

What is fear??

When we are not familiar with something, someone, or some situation, we feel the feeling of fear.

We’re thus afraid to experience something strange; that’s why we allow ourselves to become stuck in what we know. It’s vital to take baby steps to create change.

You can start by making a list of things that scare you. Start with one small thing, try to face it, and understand why it’s not so scary. Then move onto the next small thing, and so on.

2. Let go off Perfection and Accept the Imperfection

Try to understand that nothing is called as perfect because the scope of development is always there, so change your definition of perfection and start enjoying your life with all your imperfection.

3.Believe in Yourself

Tell yourself that you can do anything you want.

Always remember how beautifully you had handled the worst situation of your life.

4. Do not Criticize Yourself

For self-acceptance, being kind to yourself is very important. we judge ourselves, more than anyone else; by doing so we can become our biggest enemy.

So be patient with yourself, accept your flaws, and love your mind, body, and soul.

5. Forgiveness

You can’t grow without forgiveness. Forgive others for things they didn’t mean to do. Forgive others for things they didn’t know they did. Forgive yourself for mistakes you think you’ve made. And forgive yourself if things don’t change quickly enough.                

Trusting Yourself

Lack of self-trust creates the below problems:

  1. You will not be able to take any decisions of your life; you will always have a second guess.
  2. You will overthink which leads to anxiety, guilt, and regret.
  3. You will trust other people’s opinions, more than yourself.
  4. You always look for the approval of other people.
  5. You will be afraid of sharing your opinion.
  6. You struggle to recognize your self-worth. 

So, If you want to live your life on your own, it is very important to have trust on yourself.

Some of the ways to trust in yourself are:-

  1. Always trust your gut, because trusting your gut is the backbone of trusting yourself.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions because once you start doing this you will          become more confident and responsible.
  3. Try to make yourself aware of “ What’s going Inside you”.
  4. Do not jump to any conclusion on anyone opinions.
  5. Separate your emotions from logic.
  6. Spend time alone to build mental strength, it also helps to realize that “ no one can live your life for you”


Thank you everyone for taking your time to read this article.


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