What is Mental detox and six best ways to detox your mind.



Hello everyone and welcome here, In this article, I am going to explain one of the most important essential skills for life- “MENTAL DETOX”in a very concise manner; so let’s begin.

What is Mental Detox??

Meaning of Mental- “Anything which is related to mind”

Meaning of Detox: – “Purification by removing the toxins”

So, in simple words, mental detox is a process of purifying our mind by removing the toxins of our mind.

So, to understand; mental detox, we should understand first: – where toxins come from in our minds.

Sources of mental toxins are:-

1.     Emotional hurt

2.     Grudges

3.     Jealousy

4.     Feelings of hatred

5.     Anger

6.     Feeling of Revenge.

These feelings make our mind toxic, yet we continue to hold them in our system- which leads to psychological and consequently physical disorders.

Our body has an automatic system to remove unwanted food, water, air; without being aware of it, but that’s not how it works with our mind.

Our mind has no automatic arrangement that could throw out negative feelings and emotions; we have to consciously work on removing toxic emotions out of our inner system.

So, it is very important to understand that toxins are not a problem, but the duration of holding the toxin in your mind is a problem, so the quicker you release it, better it is.

Six Best ways to detox your mind

1.   Stay away from the blame game

Generally most of the people have a tendency to blame others for their failure but this tendency is not right, you should clear your mindset that no one is responsible for your failures. You should take responsibility for your actions and reactions. This attitude will make you a very easy going person.

2.   Apologize, if you had done something wrong:-

Apologizing has amazing emotional benefits for the receiver as well as the giver. Usually people ego tends to restrict them from being real, No one is perfect in this world, if you had done something wrong in the past with someone, say sorry to them; it will make you the bigger person.

Apologizing helps in healing and building empathy.

  3.   Stay away from toxic people

If the relationship in which you are investing your time and energy is not giving you happiness, what is the point of staying in that relationship or with those people? if you want to live a happy life cut out the toxic people from your life and get out of the abusive relationship.

No toxic people in life———No toxic feeling in mind

4.   Open your Heart and confide your feelings to someone close and trustworthy.

Sharing our feelings with someone very close to us, cannot only lightens the heaviness we feel, but we may also receive support and guidance which gives us the energy to deal with our negativity.

5.   Spiritual Practice.

A spiritual practice helps us to cleanse our consciousness and gives us the inner strength to fight these negative emotional tendencies.

6.   Help those who are less fortunate:-

You do not need a huge amount of money to create a difference, your small help can also impact life, so do whatever you can, and doing good deeds gives satisfaction in life which leads to inner happiness.

These are some of the different ways to detox your mind; if you want to share some other ways, do share with me in the comment section.

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