What is Real Education and why it is important to understand



Hello everyone and welcome here, In this article, I am going to explain- What is Real Education and why it is important to understand; so let’s begin.

What do you think about education, when it comes to your mind first:-

Is it – Education System?, Schools? , Universities? Family education?, Good grade? manners?

If you feel that university study is enough-then you are doing a big mistake.

Going to school and college, getting a degree, and being able to get a job can help you to survive- but there is so much more to lift.

Now the question is-                                                                                                             

What is Real Education   ??                                                                                                  

Education that makes you happy is real education.

Real education is beyond any degree. It elevates your consciousness, which helps to evolve yourself. Real education helps you to be at a higher state.

Real education is not a destination; it is a journey that will never end until you are alive.

Why we need to understand real education?

It is very crucial to understand that education reform is needed. We need to understand this because our education system holds us back and it fails to teach the fundamentals of living the good life.

Whether we talk about public schools, universities, or any other institutions, all of them operates under the same principles.

The only thing you are taught in school is to memorize, training you get is about remembering ideas without even checking the validity of the things communicated to you.

You are being asked to memorize the information the same as a machine.

Most of the information you learn in schools, even in universities is not practical, and therefore it will not teach you how to do well in life.

Being a follower requires that you do not think independently, all you are asked to do is to follow the others, and blindly believe them.

What you generally hear in school or colleges:-

·        Study hard, so you can get a good job.

·         If you get a good job, you can then have a family.

·        If you had a family, you need to provide for that family so you have to find a better job.

This is how our education system works; in this system, you are not being asked to use your critical thinking. All you have to do in this situation is to assume that they are right, and this is the only thing that you can do in life.

The educational system fails to teach you how to do well in life because it fails to teach you the fundamentals of leaving a vigorous and robust lifestyle. The school does not teach you what happiness is, it doesn’t teach you how money works, what emotions are, what mastery is, how to master your emotions, how to deal with certain situations, what relationships are, how to properly eat, how to properly manage your life, and the list can continue…….

Because everything that is communicated in schools is that you need to find a good job. But you have no idea, with this education system you will not be able to find out your true potential.

There are high chances, that you don’t even know “what a life purpose is and why you must have a purpose in life”

You don’t even know what intelligence is, although going to school assumes that you become more intelligent. Chances are that you increase your IQ if you go to school, but that is not the most important intelligence type you need to possess in order to do well in life.

Different studies have shown strong evidence that for you to do well in life Emotional intelligence is far more important than IQ.

But in schools and colleges you are not asked to increase your emotional intelligence, unless you have taken some psychology classes.

So, in order to unfollow the traditional education system, we should first know what real education is and why there is a need for reformation. This is why I choose to write an article on this topic.

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