What is Stress and How to Manage our Stress

Stress Management

What is Stress? In today’s scenario, everything is changing so fast, new technology being used, People today have a vision and purpose in their life, as there is a change in society accordingly there living style, moral value, expectation, and responsibilities also affected drastically by changes in all around and these expectations bought certain risk … Read more

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

How to develop Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to understand:- ◦          Their own emotions,  ◦          The emotions of others, and ◦          To act appropriately using these emotions. Emotional Intelligence never stops growing; because we are always evolving as people. Emotional Intelligence is when you finally realize “It’s not about you only” It’s … Read more

Life without Mathematics

Life without Mathematics Hii Everyone and welcome here; Math Subject is a fear for almost 80-90 percent of students. When I was a kid, I was also thinking that Why we have to study this Math subject. In my dreams ; I used to think if this subject is removed from my life; I would … Read more

Basics of Decision Making Skill

  DECISION MAKING   Decision-Making skills are those Management and Leadership skill which is important for almost everyone because every organization or Individual has to take a lot of Decisions on a daily basis. Also, when you are stuck in a choice between various alternatives; then you have to make decision. This seems to be … Read more

Self Assessment

  SELF ASSESSMENT Hello everyone and welcome here, In this article I am going to explain one of the most important essential skill for life- “SELF ASSESSMENT”. What is Self Assessment?          Let’s understand, first the meaning of these 2 words separately:- Meaning of SELF SELF   S-  SPIRITUALITY E-  EXPLORATION L – LOVE YOUR SELF F … Read more