What is an Attitude and 8 best ways to practice better Attitude

What is an Attitude and 8 best ways to practice better Attitude

Who we are today is mostly a result of the choices we made yesterday – tomorrow we will become what we choose today and this choice depends upon our Attitude; this is why Positive Attitude is very important.

If you feel that, the way you react to any situation or the way you perceive anything is not right and you need to change your approach for a better Attitude; then you are at the right place.          

Anyone who wants to eliminate negativity from their life and increase positivity and wants to become their best version; then they must have to work on their Attitude issues.

So, let’s understand first;

What is an Attitude

Attitude is our internal feeling which shapes our behavior; It is something about our reaction and perception towards something, someone, or some situation.

In simple words; it is the way how we react and respond towards some particular situation.

It is not wrong to say that “Attitude is everything” because it is our attitude only towards life and work which makes our life hundred percent.

So, if you want to change your life, you need to change your Attitude.

How to practice better Attitude

Attitude is not something that you can learn overnight; you need to practice it in your day-to-day life.

Some of the best ways to practice a better attitude is:-

1. Make a DECISION today to CHANGE

Start with the First Step today.

Decide today – with which person, people, situation, circumstances, tasks…. You will change your ATTITUDE. You have to change from doubter to believer.

2. Shift your FOCUS

Focus on What’s Right v/s what is wrong

Focus on what you Do Have v/s what you don’t

Focus on Solutions than on Problems

3. Be more CURIOUS instead of Judgmental

Instead of Blaming and Complaining be curious to ask yourself a Question…Why is this person or situation like that…?

What can I change here in this situation or with this person?

4. Develop an Attitude of GRATITUDE

I was crying for a pair of shoes until I saw a man without legs; I thanked God that at least I have legs” Find something appreciate in tough time / tough person / tough situation now

Whenever you feel down, depressed, frustrated see what can be acknowledged.

5.  Decide Not to be perfect all the time

Stop having high expectation from yourself and others

When Expectations do not match .. That is the beginning of negatives..!!

6. Believe in Yourself

This is not an inflated EGO but when you think and Feel Good about Your self…then you are able to see the same in others too. Whatever you believe you achieve.

7. Take Action … Now

You can’t just stand before the mirror and shout “Positive Attitude”

Stop “Procrastination” and Start Now

Write down for the Next 7 Days…an Action Plan

8. Last but not the least- Never Give-up

With a Bad attitude; you can never have a positive day

With a Positive Attitude, you can never have a bad day.


So, these are some of the best ways to practice better Attitude.


Start following this in your day to day life and Miracle will happen in your life.


Thank you, Readers!! Have a nice day.





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