Mustard Masala Fish Curry Recipe

Fish Curry Recipe

FISH CURRY Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 20-25 minutes Serving 4 Ingredients for marinating fish 6-7 Fish, cut in darne, Salt to taste, and ½ tsp Turmeric powder; 1 tsp garlic and chilly paste. Ingredients For Frying 8 tbsp. Mustard oil, Marinated Fish, Ingredients For Fish Curry Remaining Mustard oil, 3 tsp Mustard seeds, … Read more

Empathy and its Importance


Meaning of Empathy In simple words, Empathy is about Awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. A key element of empathy is imagination, you really have to imagine yourself in other people’s shoes before making any kind of judgements about them. So, basically, Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people … Read more

What is Stress and How to Manage our Stress

Stress Management

What is Stress? In today’s scenario, everything is changing so fast, new technology being used, People today have a vision and purpose in their life, as there is a change in society accordingly there living style, moral value, expectation, and responsibilities also affected drastically by changes in all around and these expectations bought certain risk … Read more

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

How to develop Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to understand:- ◦          Their own emotions,  ◦          The emotions of others, and ◦          To act appropriately using these emotions. Emotional Intelligence never stops growing; because we are always evolving as people. Emotional Intelligence is when you finally realize “It’s not about you only” It’s … Read more

Life without Mathematics

Life without Mathematics Hii Everyone and welcome here; Math Subject is a fear for almost 80-90 percent of students. When I was a kid, I was also thinking that Why we have to study this Math subject. In my dreams ; I used to think if this subject is removed from my life; I would … Read more

Basics of Decision Making Skill

  DECISION MAKING   Decision-Making skills are those Management and Leadership skill which is important for almost everyone because every organization or Individual has to take a lot of Decisions on a daily basis. Also, when you are stuck in a choice between various alternatives; then you have to make decision. This seems to be … Read more